Justice for Charlotte, and those who died with her!

August 7, 2008

Please write to your MP via http://writetothem.com, and ask what the Foreign Office is doing to ensure that Charlotte Wilson’s killers are brought to justice for the massacre in which she died, and the many other crimes they have committed. Please ask them what they are doing to keep this promise, which they made in May 2005:

“We will continue to resist any moves to grant Rwasa or other FNL leaders immunity…. We are clear that breaking the culture of impunity in the region is key to peace in the Great Lakes. The FNL and other groups must be sent a signal that they cannot negotiate immunity.

If and when Rwasa and other FNL leaders return to Burundi we will push strongly for the Burundian authorities to try them as soon as possible for the crimes of which they have been accused or admitted responsibility for” – UK Foreign Office, 6 May 2005


2 Responses to “Justice for Charlotte, and those who died with her!”

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  2. The Burundi Rebels FNL Baby butchers and Women rapists have now returned to the Country, their Leadership benefit from an international security armed to the teeth, this is the story of “rewards” for crimes in Burundi!They did all their slaughter in the name of Freedom to force the Nation to bow down to their barbaric demands.Without Justice, there cannot be any real Peace!

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